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Here are the rates for the main StarMemoirs services. To receive an estimate of the cost for your particular project, please use the Starmemoirs Price Quote/Submission Form to tell us what you need.)  .  Or you may call us toll-free to start talking to us about your editing/writing needs.  Our toll-free number is 1-800-589-1022.  Call us right now to find out how we can make your writing project a grand sucess!  (Note that for book-length projects, rates are lower than those listed here. And each chapter is treated as a separate project; chapters or sections are returned as they are completed.) All prices are negotiable.
SHORT BIO (1 to 7 pages):  Customized per your specifications. This can be a condensed life story, covering highlights and accomplishments, or just a narrative-styled resume. Less than 1-page bios also available at reduced rate. Larger bios, including complete life story right up to the present, also available; all competitively priced; customized per your specifications. (Use the Price Quote/Inquiry Form below to get quote for your particular project.)
FULL BIOGRAPHY:  Competitively priced. Customized per your specifications.
PROOFREADING AND BASIC EDITING SERVICE:  From 1 cents to 5 cents per word, depending on size of document.
TELEPHONE INTERVIEWS:  $35 per hour (no charge for initial consultation/general discussion)
IN-PERSON INTERVIEWS:  $35 per hour (within Los Angeles area; outside of area, certain travel expenses will need to be included)

After you have submitted your request for an estimate of the cost of your project (by using the Starmemoirs Price Quote/Submission Form ), you'll receive a rough estimate. (Or call us toll-free at 1-800-589-1022 to tell us what you need.)  We can then discuss with you any further questions you may have to help us determine the exact cost and to help you decide whether you'd like us to do the work. In addition, you'll also be provided with easy directions for submitting any necessary media: If you are submitting a digital tape or a digital file, we'll direct you to our digital-file upload site; if you're sending us a cassette tape, written notes, or any other physical memorabilia/documents, you'll be provided with the most direct address to which to mail them.

After you've received the estimate of the cost of your project, and after we've discussed the scope of the project with you and you've decided to have us serve you, you can pay via PayPal or via our secure online payment form, or you may mail payment (easy access to all these payment options will be provided). Check or credit card will be accepted.